Ultimate Buying Guide For Drawing Laptop

This ultimate buying guide will give you all the information about the components of a laptop for drawing & animation. Share Laptop has mentioned the main concerning features that you must observe.

The Laptop world is filled with too many varying opinions about how to choose the best laptop for drawing & animation. However, I will give you both the basics and the technical features of the computer.

Laptops for drawing are usually convertible, and some have a stylus or a pen -whatever you want to call it. Touchscreen facilitates drawing different things or making NFTs or animations. In addition, a laptop with a stylus or a pen makes it more accessible for the artists to draw more accurately and try out different things.

We will discuss the display screen size to the port’s availability of the drawing laptop. So, without further ado, let’s get on to the main discussion.

(Note: You must read the whole article to comprehend how things work and what might be the best drawing laptop for you.)

Main Components Of A Drawing Laptop


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The main components of a drawing laptop are mentioned as follow:

  • Display – Display Screen Size & Resolution
  • CPU (Computer/Central Processing Unit)
  • GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)
  • Hard Drive
  • RAM
  • Human Interface Input
  • Stylus or Pen
  • Connectivity
  • Operating System
  • Design
  • Battery Timing

1. Display

Display Screen Image

The display of the screen is the most crucial thing among the others. A drawing laptop must have a screen with good picture quality and a suitable screen size. Because if you are an artist and your career lies on the drawings or animations or NFTs, you must look upon the high-quality display laptops. I will tell you about the different aspects of the display that can guide you through buying the best laptop for drawing.

a) Display Screen Size

Laptops come in various sizes, ranging from 11 inches to 18 inches. In the same way, laptops for drawing are also available in these sizes.

Let’s consider if a laptop has a screen display size of about 13 inches, and we compare it with the computer with 17 inches screen. Which one will you prefer?

What kind of laptop you are hunting for. It depends on you! Most artists travel much more, and some of them don’t.

A traveling artist can take a 13-inch laptop to anywhere in the world on their shoulder. On the other hand, an artist with an 18-inch display screen-sized laptop. They cannot take it anywhere they want to fearlessly. However, the artist with a 13-inch laptop can take it anywhere. Fear will follow that artist wherever they go, and the fear of screen breakage will not follow that person as he can just put the laptop in his shoulder bag. And it will be safe there unless it has a significant impact due to hard collision with some tough or pointy thing.

Professionals will find themselves more comfortable in a small-sized display screen laptop. However, a computer with a bigger screen will give you more details about the display, which can be the best selling factor for a big-screen display laptop.

b) Screen Resolution

Screen resolution matters the most when approaching a drawing laptop from a professional artist’s view. Laptop displays come with different resolutions, just as they come in various screen sizes.

The screen resolution determines how many pixels you will see on your screen under specified dimensions. Choices start from 1366 x 768

(HD) to 3840 x 2160 (4K-Quality).

  • HD: 1366 X 768
  • FHD: 1980 X 1080 (1080p)
  • QHD: 2560 X 1440 (2K)
  • QHD+: 3200 X 1800
  • UHD: 3840 X 2160 (4K)

The more your screen’s resolution, the more clarity your displaying objects or elements will be. As I said earlier, that resolution determines how many pixels you will have on your screen under specific screen dimensions. A laptop with more giant screens will require more pixels. As we go up and up in the display sizes, the resolution gets efficient too. For example, a laptop with a screen size of 15 inches will need at least 2560 x 1440 pixels for minimum distortion in the displayed elements.

If you want to have better results and your career lies on it, you should choose a 4K resolution laptop. 4K means that there will be no pixel spacing in the objects, and you ould see better, bright, clear, and vibrant colors.

A chart of different resolutions concerning their screen sizes is as follows, in which you can see a clear difference.

c) Display Types

Generally, there are only three types of laptop screen display panels. Each of which is explained in the lower section.

  1. TN Panels

Twisted Nematic panels are the most common and widely used panels. Companies have been using TN panels on their computer or laptops since the 1980s. TN panels are primitive, but they could get in handy. More and more advancements in TN panels have been made since that time.

TN panels are modified to give you the best Refresh Rate, G-sync, and Response time.

Refresh Rate: The refresh frequency of the image displayed on the screen is defined as the refresh frequency. It is one of the most important factors while choosing the best laptop for you. Refresh rates are often misunderstood with the frame rates, but both are different. However, the frame rate depends on the refresh rate. A laptop with an enhanced frame rate must have a high refresh rate display screen, or else-wise there is no use of such better frame rates. Refresh rates range from 30 Hz to 120 Hz.

Response Time:  Response time is the time taken by the pixels of an image to be displayed on the screen. It is sometimes misunderstood with the input lag, which is different.

G-Sync: NVIDIA’s exclusive display technology synchronizes the frame rate and refreshes rate along with the response time. It enables the user to experience the best gaming frame rates.

TN panels are still widely used in the budget and entry-level laptops worldwide. The reason behind it is the cheap rates of TN panels. But they give less accurate colors and lower visual angles.

They are not too expensive. But advancements have been made, and upgraded TN panels with the best-displaying abilities are introduced in the high-end premium laptops. The upgraded panels can give you exceptional results. Therefore, they are expensive too.

2. IPS Panels

In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels are developed to deal with the TN panel issues. IPS panels can give you better viewing angles and color variety. But it increases the response time. Thus, these displays come in limited refresh rates up to 60 Hz. They cannot have refresh rates better than 60 Hz.

Companies install IPS display panels in the upper-mid range or high-end range laptops. In addition, they are suitable for drawings and art creation sort of stuff. It can give you the required amount of details in the objects. IPS panels are also ideal for gaming. However, they are more much more expensive than the TN panels.


Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is the most updated technology to display screens for a better visual experience. All of the laptop manafacturing companies are using OLED panels.

OLED is used in high-end models to give nest resolution and the best color range. Moreover, OLED panels show more accurate colors and offer a much better response time than the TN and IPS panels. Laptops with organic light-emitting diodes are more expensive than the TN and IPS panels.

OLED is perfect for gaming and different creations like drawing, animations, and NFTs. A professional artist should always buy a laptop with an OLED panel as it helps their talents come out at their best.


Intel CPU Image

As the name says, the central processing unit is the main component of a computer that runs all the programs on a laptop or a computer. It is very crucial for a computer system.

The central processing unit consists of a core that executes several programs simultaneously. The more significant the number of seats, the greater the programs or files execution at a single time.

There are two famous CPU manafacturing companies:

  1. Intel
  2. Ryzen

The laptop for drawings must have minimal Intel core i3 or Ryzen-3 CPU installed in them. You can also buy the latest Intel core i7 pr Ryzen-7 pre-installed processor, giving you a higher refresh rate and more incredible response time. But they are expensive, and most people cannot afford such luxury.

A laptop for drawing does not require a much stronger CPU. However, a laptop with a touchscreen having an Intel Core i7 or Ryzen-7 processor can speed up your working process by providing a higher refresh rate and response time.

The laptop for drawings must have minimal Intel core i3 or Ryzen-3 CPU installed in them. You can also buy the latest Intel core i7 pr Ryzen-7 pre-installed processor, giving you a higher refresh rate and more incredible response time. The  Graphics processing unit enhances the computer system’s performance to have a better gaming experience. GPU escalates the frame rate and enables the gamer to have a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.
Different companies manufacture GPU for computer systems, but NVIDIA and AMD are the two most widely preferred companies. They are known for their high performance.
In case you want to use the laptop for gaming as well. You can buy a computer with a pre-installed GPU of higher quality.


Connectivity refers to the ease of wireless connecting with other devices like your internet router or WiFi router. WiFi technology is used all over the world. Because it is wireless and offers reasonable data transfer rate. WiFi 6 is the latest technology used in laptops. Wifi-6 is way better than the WiFi 802.11ac Besides that, Bluetooth is also a means of data transfer, and the latest Bluetooth 5 technology gives users the best data transfer rate.

Therefore, if you are a professional, your chosen laptop must have WiFi-6 and Bluetooth 5.


RAM Image

Random Access Memory or RAM is also a crucial part of a computer system. All the applications run simultaneously because of this component.
A laptop with an upgraded operating system like Windows 10 will require a higher capacity RAM of about 8GB.
Experiments have been done comparing the performance of a computer system with 4GB RAM and 8 GB RAM. The investigation reveals that the system with 8 GB RAM works well with Windows 10. On the other hand, the system with 4 GB RAM shows low performance and retarded multi-tasking.
You must want to have at least 8 GB RAM if you desire to get the best outcomes.

Hard Drive

SanDisk SSD Image

Hard drives are basically to store data. A computer system cannot exist without it. Hard drive storage ranges from 128 GB to about 1 TB in the case of SSD. They are classified based on the data transmission rate.
There are two types of hard drives. The HDD (Hard Disk Drive) offers a meager data transmission rate. Second is the new SSD (Solid State Drive) used in almost every laptop. It is preferable because it gives a higher data transmission rate.
Upgrades have also been made in the SSD, and using flash transfer technology offers a very high transmission rate. Therefore, it makes the system more efficient and reliable.
Thus, you must choose a drawing laptop with the latest reliable storage technology like SSD.

Operating System

An artist must look for a better and suitable operating system to make exceptional creations like drawings, animations, or NFTs. There are two most commonly used operating systems. The first one is Windows operating system, and the second is Mac-OS. These both are known for their high-class performances depending upon their versions.


Laptop Ports Image

USB technology has advanced from a technological point of view. The latest laptops have a USB Type-C (Thunderbolt 3) port with a more significant data transmission rate than the previous ones. The laptops usually have USB 2.0 and 3.0 version ports on their side for various connection purposes.

A USB Type-C or Thunderbolt 3 is mandatory to connect your system to a 4K monitor. If your screen does not have 4K resolution, you can connect your laptop to a 4K monitor, which is better than the VGA monitors. However, 4K monitors might consume more power than an ordinary computer. Therefore, decreasing the battery timing of the laptop.

Human Interface Input

Human interface input can be defined as what users see in an object when they look upon it and how they will use it?

A touchscreen is the best option for a drawing laptop. Laptops with touchscreens are widely in trend nowadays. The touchscreen enables the users to experience better visual connectivity and gives them different ideas to make more creative things.

Most laptops are convertible, meaning that they can be converted into a tablet whenever you want. Or in simple words, they are also known as 2-in1 laptops. It is a futuristic feature to have in a laptop and gives dual facilities to the user. The user can mold the computer according to his comfort. Therefore, if you want a touchscreen on your drawing laptop, you must go for it.

Stylus or Pen

Stylus & Pen Image

If your laptop is compatible with a stylus or a pen, you must get the advantage of that feature. A stylus is a futuristic feature to have in a laptop. Artists find it more beneficial as they usually use pencils to draw a rough image of their creation. But having a stylus or pen-compatible keyboard enables them to do the rough work on their laptop. It saves a lot of time for users. Hence, attracting more customers towards itself.

Design & Weight

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Image

The laptop with slim and sleek designs is more joyful to your eyes. In addition, the weight of such laptops is also deficient, making the user more comfortable while using such a laptop. Although they are costly, so, it depends on you. If you can afford a computer with sleek and thin designs that are very lightweight, you should purchase it.


One of the most concerning questions about a laptop is its battery timing. The battery timing depends on the battery and the weight (performance-wise) of other components like CPU and GPU. Even if your laptop has a 4K resolution, the battery time will automatically decrease.

A professional artist should keep the battery timing in his mind. A suitable battery timing ranges from 5 to 8 hours after being fully charged up. If an artist buys a high-end drawing laptop, he should not dream about having a battery that will last a day or even 12 hours.

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